Installation Art

Installation Art

Installation Art including String art, coin art, screw art and any element combination into an Artist Artwork.

Coin Art
The combination of thousand coins which from more than 30 countries. Different coins have different size and color. The Artwork definitely needs a proper planning before it commences.

Screw Art
This screw art masterpiece with 5ftH x 4ftL in size and 100kg in weight. This is not a simple artwork that can simply done by one artist but a team of installation artist.

Rope Art
The perfect combination of rope art and artificial grass. Company signage need not to be printed or by acrylic cutting. Installation Signage Art presenting a creative, innovative and artistic energy to the space.

String Art
The artist using the wall plug and string come out with a wall masterpiece.  The artwork can be black and white or colorful.

Anything can be customize
Installation Art’s materials not necessary to be string, rope and coin.
Waste, paper, wood, light, nail also can be part of the art.
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