Hand-Painted Mural

Hand-painted Mural popular known as Wall Art Painting are very popular these days and it’s one of today’s most popular and creative ways to decorate the walls of your home or commercial property with wall art. No other painting technique puts such a unique and personal stamp on your surroundings, or such joy and satisfaction to the viewer.

Night Mural

Hand-Painted Mural is not just painting on the wall, it also have a unique sub-categories, which is Night Mural. There are 2 options for the night mural such as UV Black Light Mural and Glow in the Dark mural. The materials for the night mural are in-house materials and exclusive for Wall Craft Deco Art client only.

Wall Sculpture Painting

Wall Sculpture Painting is simply known as direct dry wall sculpture on the wall or wood sculpture panel install on the wall and apply special effect painting on it. It will give an exclusive 3D visual effect and touching feel to the people.

Wood Art

Wood Art is a combination of wood sculpture, solid wood graining and designer wood cut into an artistic masterpiece.

Installation Art

Installation Art including String art, coin art, screw art and any element combination into an Artist Artwork.

3D Floor Art

Mural is not only for walls. Floor Art is a different type of art, it provides 3D visual effect and interactive purpose.